School District Budget & Expense History - 2010-2012

This attachment compares the 2011-12 School District Budget to the actual Revenue and Expenses from the School District Annual Financial Report 2010-11.  While the Budget is discussed for more than four months, the actual Revenue & Expenses for the year receives little or no analysis. 

Here's a quick recap of the actual expense numbers for the 2010-11 school year by Fund:

Fund                       Expense                 Reserve
Education               $50.6 million           $18.2 million
Operations              $  9.8                         $ 7.2
Debt Repayment    $13.3                         $ 3.4
Transportation       $  8.0                         $ 2.7
S.S. & Retiremt       $  2.2                         $ 1.9
Working Cash                                            $14.2

TOTAL                  $83.9                        $47.6

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