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Candidates Forum- March 20, 2013

Geneva Patch and GenevaTaxFACTS co-hosted a "Candidates Forum on Fiscal Responsibility"  Wednesday, March 20, at Williamsburg Elementary School.  Videos of the meeting are now available.

Mayoral Candidates

School Board/1st Ward Alderman candidates

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The forum's format was question and answer and was moderated by Rick Nagel, editor of the Geneva Patch. Questions focused on the topic of fiscal responsibility.

Due to time constraints, questions were not be taken from the audience.

GenevaPatch is a community portal that covers anything and everything in Geneva, including breaking news, crime, business, government and education issues. 

GenevaTaxFACTS was formed in August 2008 by Geneva residents to understand the operations of all Geneva taxing bodies and present facts to the community. Its website includes school board meeting videos with coded links to specific topics.

Early voting begins March 25 and election day is Tuesday, April 9

Conflict of Interest & PAC Funds

The article listed below recently appeared in the Kane County Chronicle as an opinion column.  It attempted to answer the question: Should vendors,doing business with the school district through awarded contracts, be allowed to  contribute to PAC funds whose sole purpose is to pass building referendum?  While not illegal in the state of Illinois, is it ethical? 

Referendum Results 1985 to 2007

Since 1985, voters rejected tax rate increases 4 times and accepted a rate increase 3 times.  In every case, the rate increase was requested a second time before it passed.  During the same period, 7 bonds referendum for construction passed while 2 were defeated.  In both cases the original request was defeated and then a second request, at a lower dollar amount, was asked and passed.  The attachment shows dates, results, and any next steps.  This attachment even includes the detailed press statement provided after the almost $80 million 2007 referendum passed by 100 votes. This recap was taken directly from the Geneva School District website and placed into a flow chart.

Election Contributions Disclosure

Attached is a copy of the D-2 semi annual report for a Political Action Committee (PAC) named Geneva Citizens For Excellent Schools.  As of January 3, 2011, this fund has a balance of $10,018.29.  The sole purpose of this PAC is to support the passage of school referendum for the Geneva School District.  The treasurer listed on the form is a former member of the Geneva Board of Education.

Look Who is Helping Get Building Referendum Passed

The five files attached provide insight into how Geneva Citizens for Excellent School funded their quest for the passage of school referendum.  The information, taken from the Illinois State Election Board filings, clearly shows that the vast majority of contributions came from companies or individuals that had a vested interest in the construction referendum gaining voter approval.  While not illegal, is it right for the legal firm and general contractor of the school district to help pay for signs for a Yes vote?  These companies have a direct financial interest in the passage of the referendum.  There are many similar examples of vendor contributions.  In Chicago this practice is known as "Pay to Play."